Monday, December 20, 2010

The top five reasons for women to Owe Chanel 2.55 bags

Perhaps some people dream in life is to have a Chanel 2.55 bag, and maybe some people have been realized this dream many times, do not rule out that some people find their style a bit too traditional or outdated. If you were trying to find some good reasons to fall in love with 2.55, then I'll give you 5 great today have their reasons for it. 2.55 born in February 1955, so named for the 2.55 bag, car diamond rectangular lines of the leather and metal buckle is the sign of 2.55.Karl Lagerfeld only then until the eighties metal double-C logo buckle joined Classic Flag Bag design.

The first reason is the recent hot topic that the slump in the global economy, Chanel has a different tune, always frequently increases price in recent years, every six months or a year I hear Chanel news of price increases, especially at 2.55 and Classic Flag of their two classic, often increase each package or even more than 500 U.S. dollars, if you have plans to buy a 2.55 or Classic Flag, do not take into account a long time. Like to use the classic Chanel celebrities are not ordinary people, from Katherine Hepburn to Katherine Heigle, from Grace Kelly to Nicole Richie, they are all from Hollywood legend, the princess and princesses from various countries, Communication from the upper class Ming Yuan ... Well, we are not superstars, but not a princess, but having said that, although we cannot be married in real life prince, but at least you can have in real life were like a princess Chanel ah!

I can tell you that package is a monster among the brand name leather. You can do an experiment, put your five nails (not your fingers head, is a nail!) in the leather across the top, you know I said do not leave out. Ability of their durable leather surfaces with the U.S. Louis Vuitton canvas bag durability comparable.

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