Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stars show Chanel classic chain handbags

Chanel know the women's heart, she know how to performance women's taste and show their gentle and soft, elegance and independence. The classic chain handbags also attract a number of of loyal fans.

Fashion icon Nicole Richie (Nicole Richie), Li Yue-coming fashion icon Zac (Leigh Lezark), socialite Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian), sisters, Mean Girls Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) ... are die-hard fans of Chanel.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The New Chanel Eau V - 2010 Christmas Gift

What gift will catch her heart? The answer must be the perfume and diamonds. The selection of perfume is different from the diamond, which should consider the 4C indicators. We can find nothing about the move-perfume. However, the particular bottle design, the head of sweet incense, long aftertastes, or even just come from the deeply moving name-Chanel

2010 Christmas present-perfume for her will never go wrong

The new Chanel Eau V

Always full of mystery, N°5 has been transformed into a legend over the years. At Christmas, fifth Chanel Eau de Toilette is more luxurious and the more feminine style of the beautiful bottle has tide the new fashion. Magnetic spray bottle and ingenious press design is full of creativity. It can meet people's inner desire, even the one who pursues the ultimate perfect.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chanel No.5 - Eternal Memorial

At Chanel male - company, all the perfume is not step by step according to production procedure of modulation, but fully mobilize perfume allocate division of visual, touching, smelling, listening, taste, with god - the mind, body, and spirit to feel, body - check products, with all the mind to create products. Just as Mrs. Chanel he describes: "this is what I want. A different from previous perfume. It is a smell fragrant and memorable perfume.

Whether with strong male elements of sports raiment (suit) Jersey, two-piece the tweed suit (t - weed), break the old values of artificial jewelry, with strong female Lord - righteousness color colors camellia totem, or Marlin Monroe in bed - the only wearing Chanel No. 5 - challenge old repeatedly, Chanel deity - system created new fashion. Chanel lady, don't lie in the most practical and luxuriant, her life around rip inspiration from, especially love. Unlike other designers demands on others with their design, Chanel provides a solution - put meaning since - by and selection, the costume design from male view primarily tide turned into performance female beauty - feeling of independent stage.

Abandon tight waist, shoulder strap, advocate castigated skirt type purse and textiles sets; Coco Chanel skill dominant 20 (superscript) century women's style, posture, and lifestyle, a simple and comfortable luxurious new philosophy, as she was said: "luxuriant opposite not poverty, and is vulgar".

It is this reason, ensured Chanel 5 scent-bottle simple shape design in the same period of perfume works inside, become one of the most strange looks, for all extremely use up heavy and complicated hummed feature scent-bottle inside, only like a bottle of perfume Chanel 5 naked valium. But this is a simple, formed - strands of new aesthetic power successfully scored beauties the ladies of decorous atrium, they finally need not addicted to the gaudy riches and honors, and can be in concise and strong design, find precious texture.

CHANEL 5 perfume bottle has a gem cutting shape is like a form of caps, through - Ming crystal square body modeling, line is agile, "CHANEL" and "NO5" black font above presented in white, very impressive. But in the avocations richly busy at that time, many people are not good for this look like a bottle of perfume, went and even a few seen Chanel 5 perfume fashion designed - home, believed that the name is Mrs. Chanel life lost in this bottle "crude" among the bottle.

As a result, they did not expect, this a bottle of perfume, they used to watch good in the world the most popular time, unexpectedly than their life will last long.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chanel 2.55 bags win in China

It is full use of expertise and knowledge of global brands all the time. A officer, C&T Cuti says the brand victory is carried out from system features. The launching of the brand will need to have one’s personal features.

6 months time, Chanel 2.55 bag, C & T Cuti wants to win in China, it is necessary to ensure that mobility contains Italy smell and of some other place the same time, with some of China's marine characteristics. Precisely because of this strategy must be review tube easily follows ZARA, H & M and other "fast fashion" brands, dignity was the first to suffer repeated pressure, and C & T Cuti sets foot in China that seems clear and steady.

A fact is that C & T quietly accelerated the layout in 6 months time. C & T is awarded by a record of "quick fashion," the sale of bags recorded net buying platform. C & T this year will be well known. C & T at the helm before the Cuti, Gan Fei-fei has a rich experience of B2C marketing, it is valuable experience, and she should focus on C & T made of "China's C&T Cuti “, Chanel handbags. A few years ago, that field has a history of 140 Italian young Wallace is already figured into the old bag into the Bang market. At the beginning, it will line resolution, "the original soil" of the road.

Since establishing the supply chain to the recruitment team, to design, materials, always finish the long march of the other place of all is the brand. Designers, buyers, planners, marketing staff, from all day, not tired of them foreigners, they are proportionate to familiarize themselves with the case of China, and the market demand can make a reflection in time.

Love the details of white hair looking young women to package fewer share some of the details, so that those who search out tide mobility to Europe, North good, Japan and Hong Kong region smelly streets, looked at the warm co-operate on what they had, then those fashion Meta meat to participate in the design.

All in all, Chanel 2.55 bag is absolutely a success.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Chanel brand culture

In Chanel brand culture, life is beautiful and romantic. It incorporates luxury and graceful, let people in its unique romantic atmosphere addictions. Through years of vicissitudes of life, this one brand is still marvelous; send out a unique mysterious charm.

Countless heaven and earth are fashionable elegance, neat &graceful in this beautiful a hold between, faint a wisp of heart, leading you to rush to the imagination of eternal kingdom, which is the brand eternal charm.

Pursuing aestheticism loves jasmine in the place of disclosing the bit of beauty, unique illustration, especially for Oriental beauty profound understanding. This brand is officially launched "adornment human's science" perfume concept slogan. From "people", "adornment" and "scientific" these three separate keywords, clearly show the amore dedicated to promoting the quality of life and the pursuit of aesthetic qualities, health and happiness consistent philosophy.

With a history of over 100 years of development and in the field of art continuous innovation, this brand still holds true, pursue to supreme good, the most beautiful brand concept, this spirit is also made Chanel eternal originated reputation. For with international vision of Asian skin experts, this brand had been standing in global academic circles to the organism and cosmetics research field.

We believe that "Make consumers get pleasant feeling for the development of the fundamental standpoint, a full understanding of the world consumers through basis, using the brand of experience and skin appliances production technology, adhering to the "high quality, high image, high service" marketing concepts, in response to world consumer demands.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Classic features of Chanel bag

Sub-brand fashion bags not only can be used for storing personal items, but also reflects a person's identity, status, economic status and even personality and so on. A carefully selected series of 46 961 COCO CHANEL new dark gray with a finishing touch, it can decorate your real fashion women.

Although the "super A goods" "A goods" both have a word "A", but the quality is that much difference. First, over the selected A leather goods, hardware are made better, more expensive materials. In addition work is also very particular about and demanding style is basically the size of style with the Chanel bag which is not revised imitation. A cargo does so out of ultra-high cost, and some good new COCO CHANEL series 46961 dark gray, or even to leave chaos.

Rare vacation, it is my favorite to have a change in usual boring OL dress, cool handsome neutral style and wear berets, travel boots, dark green jacket long paragraph. Wow, immediately turned Fashionable, super child as Fan! With such a simple large recreation of the Chanel bag, cross shoulder, it seems have more style.

A general super brand name bag with the original number of children have a different bag, you pay for, after all, the original cost of the bag with a big change, but the super A bag is the highest price, quality does good. Especially the leather bag, super A is the first choice of goods, nearly authentic quality, but prices are much lower. Let me say a cargo, A general selection of leather goods, hardware, super-A are not good, and some hardware easy to fade. A cargo is more important is working with the super stock A lot worse.

2008 INDY BAG have changed the characteristics of large capacity, turn a small victory, not only the test of craftsmen more people in their craft, but also promoted to the evening will be The Chanel COCO CHANEL new series 46961 dark gray level, while the longer and more slender straps are suggesting that people, most carrying anti-Karma is IN the back of the shoulders relaxed, comfortable forward.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chanel and LV

[caption id="attachment_79" align="aligncenter" width="440" caption="Chanel Handbag"][/caption]

The price of Chanel bags depend on the material pledge and the size. Generally speaking, the most classic have several scale-up flap (with a double crossed C, the skin with metal chain).A medium, cowhide bag is 1710 Europe earlier and this month has a higher price. The priced in China is about 2 million. Others will be more expensive, about 2.55 million, (traditional symbol, metal chain). The medium one is about 1890 Europe but I like the scale-up one more. Other packages are RMB 18,000 or above.

LV is more than 400 Europe at lowest. If it is just a little bit, the EVA is only 300 thousand Yuan .This is the basic aging, such as chessboard, and blue white plate. All skin pricing will be expensive. Suhali is a small series, relative to its home. Other leather series is more expensive series .of course, except the present company. One can hold the suhali A4 bag at 1,800 Europe above.

If careful, you will find that LV bags of metal parts are more expensive. Even the same series about the size, the price will be different. This is observe that conclusion: the starting point of Chanel bag is high, but the average is 20,000 ~ 3 million (generally designed size). You may not buy the color and style you want.

LV has series material and size. The starting point is not high, but all skin pricing points are cheaper than Chanel.

The two kinds are very expensive bags (limited or special material is all tens of thousands Yuan). So they are not suit for all the people.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Come the Chanel button glasses out of tradition function

Although a button is small section of clothing, but it's the prominent status of the royalty. Good button design can often be the crowning touch to a garment. Chanel has a good button design tradition, and now, designer Karl Lagerfeld continues this tradition. He combines the button into Chanel glasses series.

Although a button is small section of clothing, but it's the prominent status of the royalty. Good button design can often be the crowning touch to a garment.

Chanel has a good button design tradition, and now, designer Karl Lagerfeld continues this tradition. He combines the button into Chanel glasses series.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Unique Chanel button glasses

Coco Chanel said:"Button is very important, never think they are just normal buttons. It will need more taste and effort to find a precious and unique button, which is for elegance."

All Chanel's buttons were made by Desrues Buttons Square, which is very professional, through special "copper" effect with black treatment; desalt the stressed-shiny metallic luster. There are lion buttons (Chanel symbol constellation), Shou turtle, leaf, lucky\grass, and the legendary logo- "CC".

Karl Lagerfeld continues the tradition and depends on his inspiration to reinterpret with the lion, the sun, camellias, pearls or leather chain as the Mark by decorating buttons with the sunglasses. There are four different models of this series: single button, double buttons, triple buttons and mystery box buttons. Buttons are the fashion decorative element, and reflect the style of classic and modern as well.

The mini-arched buttons embedded in the chain abounded by copper band, the single-button style shows "rock fashion". There have different colors on the temples of the glasses, which engraved with” CHANEL" brand logo: black, ivory and wine red. The colors are in accord with the inside of classic Chanel handbags.

The double buttons style enhances the temperament of sunglasses. Show unprecedented elegance with brand logo and delicate chain.

The triple buttons sunglasses focus on the details of the hinge pin mirror. The elegant buttons embedded in the staggered chain with proportionate and harmonious composite and complex structure. Soft square frame design, you can choose gold, tortoise shell, deep black, bright white wine with bright red.

The mystery box type a unique button style, single button brings the mysterious irresistible aesthetic charm. Implicitly reflects the classic signs, buttons, design ingenuity and butterfly flying style bring new levels of style and temperament background. Open the mystery with thumb will present the engraved "31 rue Cambon Paris" (Ba Li Kangpeng Street 31) Specular Surfaces.

Each model is equipped with the smotth black glasses box. Decorated with sigle button and "CC" logo by profiling with soft gold on the jet, which reflect the luxury of the new glasses charm.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chanel 2010-11 Christmas Gift

Small leather handbags of Christmas series were inspired by the modern, elegant visual beauty of Chanel. The charming highlight are the zipper and the inner fold with practical design. Decorated with classic style silver chain, the handbags also exhibited pure Chanel descent.

These whole series of Christmas small leather handbags made of calfskin patent leather. Kindle the joy mood at the end year with bright Pop colors: red, purple, yellow, blue, pink and pretty black. Of course, each handbag embedded woth "double C", which is the classic sign of Chanel.You can find it among those dark handbags as its bright color, which will stress your beauty and elegance.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Carey Mulligan chocolate pearl Chanel sequined skirt

When attending the CFDA/Vogue Awards, Carey Mullign wore the dress of Chanel Couture Fall 2010. As there is no outstanding factor on color and the style is somewhat mature, so this didn't attract me in the fashion show.  However with Carey Mullign, it began shine to me, the completely different feeling!

The dress made from pearl sequins embroidered with chocolate-colored, and match with a jacket, with Carey Mulligan's personal charisma, which express her elegance and beauty.

Did her choice amaze you?!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Grasse, the birthplace of Chanel No.5

Grasse,located in southern France is the resort towm town. In the nearby hills, a tranquil valley looming, winding country road cut open from the middle, a stream called Ceva pinch quiet flow, the other side is famous shrine of the flat Rose and jasmine fragrance in the world.

This flower field called Le Petit Campadieu in French, means "God's little camp", is the world's most famous perfume raw materials suppliers.

The flower field make fragrant for countless women around the world was operated by Joseph Mul, who is the fifthe generation owner of the Flower Field Glass.
There are half jamine and half rose in his daily care of 100 hectares of flower fields.

Joseph Mul's farmland has become the supplier of Chanel's perfume since 1986.

There will harvest 50 tonnes of fixed ocean shipping out for producing rose perfume from Joseph Mul's Flower Fiedl on May every year.

"May the rose"is the most famous rose perfume as well as one of the fields that visitors eager to visit.