Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The love story about Chanel

This is a destined to meet. She and he, in the midnight on the train, by an untold fragrance... Two fates intertwined. In the film, let - ٠ hot inside (Jean Pierre - Pierre Jennet) fully showed a Chanel N ° 5 charm of mysterious fragrance, and its permanent classic charm.
The story happened in the hallway of the train. A young woman immersed in thoughts, in the train of the rhythm of hypnotic trance. A young man cut body after; beyond extricate them to fall in love with her fragrance, her neck line, her unique breath...

Night, N ° 5 breath guides young man came to a strange woman carriages outside, but he dare not hesitate knock at her door. Trust in the same door of the sides, two people in the same breath frequency waiting. Women on the inside of the train, the bottle of perfume emits unique flavor of the rhythm of slight craziness as train, the inside of the golden liquid reflect her shining cheeks.

Only a few drops of N ° 5, the whole night intoxicated with endless meekness hard to escape. When dawn came down, their souls are each other prisoners. N ° 5 indicates their future: delicate, perceptual, intimate.

Train station, she eagerly eyes searched less than his figure. In filled with noise and various smell of the cities, they lost each other. While fate like a game, and N ° 5 charm is ultimately unstoppable. He finally found her, as she almost quit when... They both occur together in Mosaic, let us pictures of central Coco Chanel recalling of Byzantine the love of art. Then, a shiny Chanel double C pattern like magic appeared. Clockwise fang Buddha stopped rotating, N ° 5 tightly fastened lived two personal destiny.

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