Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chanel: 30's classic jewelry, glory never die

In 1932, the decorative arts were popular, but it's the time that coincided with the occasion of the Great Depression in Europe, Coco Chanel chose this particular time as her first high-level jewelry exhibition. "I want to decorate the bright stars of women. Star! Large and small, glittering stars." Chanel have been left at the time this sentence with "comet" as the theme of the exhibition. Jewellery worn by the wax model to form the museum exhibited works: treasures of all diamonds are inlaid with platinum, which was also unique.

Time flies, this exhibition of 78 years ago, in November in Shanghai and Beijing to reproduce. "Bijoux de Diamants" Top 5 Jewelry Show to display the book as a design for the memorial design, Chanel and her 1932 years of fine jewelry line. 5 very Chanel classic works of the theme elements - the comet, diamond, tassels, bows and camellias, is on display in the book, each piece begin with exquisite mosaics reflect the admiration of the diamond Chanel: "I chose diamonds, because it's smallest size, contains the greatest value. "

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