Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chanel Make-up--Pearl in Spring 2011

Pearl is one of high rate of Chanel brand elements, it is essential to the life of Chanel accessories. Chanel's extraordinary aesthetic beyond times, so that the pearls's simple and elegant charm attracted her, especially pearl unique glow can reflect her face soft, which makes them becom special to Coco Chanel.

Pearl, the miracle of nature, gives the creative of unlimited inspiration to Peter Phillips who is the director of Chanel make-up. He will refect a blend of pearl gloss applied to the design of cosmetics in new season of Make-up in the spring of 2011.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The love story about Chanel

This is a destined to meet. She and he, in the midnight on the train, by an untold fragrance... Two fates intertwined. In the film, let - ٠ hot inside (Jean Pierre - Pierre Jennet) fully showed a Chanel N ° 5 charm of mysterious fragrance, and its permanent classic charm.
The story happened in the hallway of the train. A young woman immersed in thoughts, in the train of the rhythm of hypnotic trance. A young man cut body after; beyond extricate them to fall in love with her fragrance, her neck line, her unique breath...

Night, N ° 5 breath guides young man came to a strange woman carriages outside, but he dare not hesitate knock at her door. Trust in the same door of the sides, two people in the same breath frequency waiting. Women on the inside of the train, the bottle of perfume emits unique flavor of the rhythm of slight craziness as train, the inside of the golden liquid reflect her shining cheeks.

Only a few drops of N ° 5, the whole night intoxicated with endless meekness hard to escape. When dawn came down, their souls are each other prisoners. N ° 5 indicates their future: delicate, perceptual, intimate.

Train station, she eagerly eyes searched less than his figure. In filled with noise and various smell of the cities, they lost each other. While fate like a game, and N ° 5 charm is ultimately unstoppable. He finally found her, as she almost quit when... They both occur together in Mosaic, let us pictures of central Coco Chanel recalling of Byzantine the love of art. Then, a shiny Chanel double C pattern like magic appeared. Clockwise fang Buddha stopped rotating, N ° 5 tightly fastened lived two personal destiny.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fondle Admiringly of Channel 2.55 Handbags

In the world, women are the animals who are the most beautiful, and every woman wants to be more and more charm, so they seek decorations on appearance..Handbag is one of the most used objects, which is at the same time can carry other things. 

Although, as early as 1983, the fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld began to constantly bring new package to the president changes, but no matter how changed, all of the women are able to a recognized it, and then, heart beat more rapidly, or scream! I think this is the charm of Chanel 2.55 handbag.

Chanel’s classic 2.55 handbag is definitely one of the handbags used by the most stars who is customers, whether in a grand banquet, red carpet or in the daily leisure time, the stars appeared with Chanel handbag in the hands, which is more than they wear the same shirt. Despite of this, they would seem to be willing to hit the bag.

The world belongs not only to men, but also to women, but after all, it owned to the woman, because women let men conquer the world for her. Therefore, the expression of desires and expectations for women is a virtue. And understand a woman’s desire and expectation, for men, is a kind of wisdom. 

Handbags, which is often a woman’s ganging up of the object, which sway in the women’s handbags on the arms, hidden inside the purse, lipstick, keys, cell phone and her secrets, even if you cannot tell whether it is a woman with a handbag or a handbag coerced a woman.
So pick Channel bags will bring you a happy experience, and make you more beautiful.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Coco Chanel and her Chanel Story

Miss Chanel, formerly known as "Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel", was born in 1883 in France Aowei Nie. When Miss Chanel was 6 years old, his mother passed away, leaving her father and four other brothers and sisters. Since then, she was brought up by her aunt and admitted to convent school (Convent School). In there, she learned hand sewing skills. When 22 years old (1905), she became a cafe singer and the stage name from the "Coco".

In 1910 in Paris, Coco Chanel opened a women's hat shop. With exceptional sewing skills, Chanel sew a simple and engaging style top hat. At that time the ladies were tired of the fancy trimmings. So Chanel designed the hat on their Oasis just like a general. Just one year, Chanel's business rose up. Coco Chanel then moved her shop to Cummins street fashion temperament. So far there is still the headquarters of Chanel. But making hats must not meet the cause of fashion Coco Chanel ambition. So she moved into the field of haute couture clothing. In 1914, Coco Chanel opened two boutiques. Fashion brands have far-reaching impact of future generations "Chanel" the official birth announcement.

Into the last century, 20 years, she created a number of innovative designs, such as knit sailor dress, little black dress, turtle neck sets of clothes and so on. Moreover, she made inspired from the men. Women should add a little man named for the taste. She has changed over the year Profusion flamboyant fashion. For example, the Chanel suit and jacket styles to join women’s series have launched bold Chanel women’s pants. Do not forget, in the 20th century, 20 years for women only wore skirts.

In addition to fashion, Chanel has also introduced the famous Chanel No.5 perfume in 1922. Chanel No.5 perfume bottle is a very Art Deco flavor with a square glass bottles. The history of the first bottle of Chanel No.5 was named after the designer perfume. Today, the official website of the Chanel perfume Chanel No.5 is still the key to promote products.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chanel 2.55 bags shot your eyes&stress your beauty

If we say that every woman should have a package, the package of a classic style that can not be non-Chanel. This allows one or more star ladies staff, so twhy 2.55 has so much charisma? Why it is named 2.55? Maybe you only know that with gold and silver chains, black lozenge bags called 255. So what are the classic models? Then follow reading this article, you finally find that you move closer to the fashionistas out!

You may not think of the classic Chanel 2.55 handbag name is Miss Coco a time-based and created. February 1955, Coco Chanel boldly Link Check (Quilting) used as a decoration added to the handbag design, introduced this double zonal Link Check package. As groundbreaking and unique elegant portable design work, and later she made this hand bag quickly became a new symbol of elegant and refined attitude of life, since then, the waving of the bag so that all women fascinated, the dream will become a female fashion preparation of one single product.

The reason named it 2.55, just because this bag was born in February 1955.

Strictly speaking, Chanel2.55 refers to the design of this clamshell Coco Chanel bag (because of its date, which name was 2.55). But with the 1983 Carl • Lagerfeld took over Chanel, the 2.55 of the soul is constantly adding new elements to flourish. Coco Chanel said to liberate the female body, natural but also the liberation of their hands. In the 1950s, she felt more and more women take on social roles, they start at the time must-have fashion women's bags to be improved on. This was the first luxury field with shoulder strap design of the package, while the shoulder strap has been wrapped in that era and the working class of workers rather than elegant aristocratic lady linked.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The timeless of Chanel 2.55 handbags

It is the Chanel 2.55 handbag that gives people surprises. Today, 2.55 handbags are already between art and fashion trendsetter. Chanel with the superb craftsmanship of the workshop, and create a stunning style. For example, retaining only the shape of the statue sculpture, handbags, embroidered twill logo on a variety of lucky handbags, scarves printed with double C logo basket weave decorated handbags are for creative surprises. Chanel handbags in fun and creative premise for the design, the traditional integration of advanced technology, created the immortal crystallization.

Chanel 2.55 handbag is the abstract .Gold, pearls and sequins; no amount of decoration are not excessive, Chanel handbags always flashing that beautiful night. A design ideas are, but never lost the classic style of Chanel brand handbags, with all the celebrities at the red carpet event or participating in the hotel, the total can present a wonderful dream world. 

Chanel 2.55 is the color handbag. Ms. Chanel said: "Black bears all things, white is no exception, their beauty perfect, absolute harmony. At the party wearing a black or white woman: She is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching." (Paul Morand's "L'Allure de Chanel ", Hermann version, 1996)

Chanel with the age of popular decorative style, but she maverick, set elegantly simple style. Her pursuit of fine lines and shape, its two-tone combination of the most representative areas beyond fashion, soon became Chanel's fashion icons, from cosmetics to unique jewelry box design, to little black dress with pearl necklace immortal style consistent.

 Each season, Karl Lagerfeld • Chanel continues to give Chanel 2.55 with a new look. For example, in a glossy and detailed sense of classic leather handbags decorated with chain, or add Link Check oriental elements in the handbag. It is the integration of the two extreme comparison, so that this brand has r a magical charm forever.

Chanel 2.55 handbag is eternal. It is not just a sign of the times, which is still the symbol of eternity.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Something we should know about Chanel 2.55 bag

Chanel handbag is the only production base in Paris, a small town,. Every day, 100-250 Chanel handbags were born here. Plants to the shade of lush greenery and playgrounds being. The entire production process takes 180 processes. Produced, the product will enter into a thorough review of quality control, including in the C 60 ℃, Humidity 95% of the room, to be placed 72 hours test. The purse will be awarded by the quality of packaging, certificates, and record card.
Finally, to accept 180 of these procedures in the bag, into the classic black and white will be packed into boxes and sent to the logistics center, and then transported to the Chanel boutiques around the world. 

Chanel 2.55 bag usually soft and delicate sheepskin and calfskin, and calfskin tend to be processed into granules, and have a nice name - lychee skin, additionally; the brand will also introduce limited-edition bags of other materials. Last year, new push classic navy blue precious crocodile skin handbags is one of 2.55. 

Here are some stories about the Chanel 2.55 bag. 

Square Button: 255 is a rectangular bag lock, the button has a name called Mademoiselle, there is a miss in French means to say is that Miss Chanel never married. 

Double chain: coco was born in the orphanage, the children from the orphanage administrators waist chain with the same cross-lock (sounds scary), coco strap part in the design of the package just think of the chain when things like this. 

Purple sandwich: This is the orphans at the orphanage clothes color. At the time, the orphanage administrator in a monastery - that is all Mother they wear black and white clothes, which is the classic Chanel black and white become one of the reasons the color bar.
Constantly changing seasons, the stars transform transformation started at the same time dress among the bags. But a closer look, we can find the 2.55 Chanel bag chains always have the highest rate on the mirror.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First high-level of the eternal classic Chanel Jewelry

Gabrielle Chanel was able to express his desire for ultimate perfection as the diamonds bright, charming, pure and everlasting......In 1932, when the decorative arts became popular and coincided with the occasion of the Great Depression in Europe, Ms.Chanel chose such a special time for her first senior jewelry. All diamonds held on the exhibition were inlaid with platinum, which was also unique at that time.

Coco Chanel held that grand fine jewelry exhibition in her private apartment located in No.29, Honore Street, Saint, Paris. Tall windows in the Chinese lacquered screens, baroque mirrors and crystal chandeliers of the mansion, uniquely placed in the wax bust of models used to display some of her works. Gorgeous lighting, crystal mirror reflects the light that magnify the diamond, all those made it as a jewelry feast. 

Diamond jewelry wore by wax models and exhibited as the museum works form in 1932. Selected Comte as the inspiration theme of the series, as Coco Chanel once said:"Meteor is beyond time and space, and long-lasting modern." Stars are fleeting, but the diamonds and fine jewelry still on behalf of the futuristic and timeless classic forever.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The top five reasons for women to Owe Chanel 2.55 bags

Perhaps some people dream in life is to have a Chanel 2.55 bag, and maybe some people have been realized this dream many times, do not rule out that some people find their style a bit too traditional or outdated. If you were trying to find some good reasons to fall in love with 2.55, then I'll give you 5 great today have their reasons for it. 2.55 born in February 1955, so named for the 2.55 bag, car diamond rectangular lines of the leather and metal buckle is the sign of 2.55.Karl Lagerfeld only then until the eighties metal double-C logo buckle joined Classic Flag Bag design.

The first reason is the recent hot topic that the slump in the global economy, Chanel has a different tune, always frequently increases price in recent years, every six months or a year I hear Chanel news of price increases, especially at 2.55 and Classic Flag of their two classic, often increase each package or even more than 500 U.S. dollars, if you have plans to buy a 2.55 or Classic Flag, do not take into account a long time. Like to use the classic Chanel celebrities are not ordinary people, from Katherine Hepburn to Katherine Heigle, from Grace Kelly to Nicole Richie, they are all from Hollywood legend, the princess and princesses from various countries, Communication from the upper class Ming Yuan ... Well, we are not superstars, but not a princess, but having said that, although we cannot be married in real life prince, but at least you can have in real life were like a princess Chanel ah!

I can tell you that package is a monster among the brand name leather. You can do an experiment, put your five nails (not your fingers head, is a nail!) in the leather across the top, you know I said do not leave out. Ability of their durable leather surfaces with the U.S. Louis Vuitton canvas bag durability comparable.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chanel Sunglasses Wear black bud silk

Wear lace what rare, wear the met creative is amazing. Want grasped bud silk small shawls out - even painstaking management, also showing no trace. Turn gossip magazines, Chanel Sunglasses, the most common Hong Kong beauties love collecting antiques bud silk shirt. Beautiful ornate, but total lack some meaning. 

Mostly because for wear and wear, p90x, collecting, be sure to collect from head to foot armed and add some diamond pearls, digest too deep.

From this year Spring and Summer will bud silk, Discount Timberland, huge leaped Fall and Winter. Stella McCantney bud silk pattern volume, agile and free and easy. If like bud again afraid falling dust flavor, Wholesale Coach Bags, choose her design will reasonable avoid off this risk. But be sure appreciate "interest" word meaning, don't add some kf kf 15-year-old jewelry, or hairstyle make into central Spring Festival evening party style. Easy, optional is a key point. Derek Lam relative is quadrature some, Classic Puma, is the middle class women can wear waist bud silk. Here is an ornament, sexy, dignified and urban flavor is the mainstay.

The mysterious black bud silk, often with gothic style linked together. Tim Burton in various films, this kind of feeling of perverse bleak moment to send out, all wearing the heroine folding layers of bud silk clothes. Every woman heart actually all hidden in a modicum of evil "sexy" attempt it.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Chanel Sunglasses for women

Last year qiu dong designers in chanted "no seasonal", let the models a naked forearm stepping on a winter, this time of year sandals but take they wrapped solidly plastered over, thick warm woollen material became assessing the mainstream. Now the weather small cool,Chanel Sunglasses, appropriate keep warm and can enrich a garment layers of sweaters brought upper body just in time.

Compared with to season, this season's sweater relaxing swelled garment body size and weakened the colour purity,ugg uk, in order to agree with seasonal "warm" and "neutral" theme. Seems some cold curt,ugg cardy, actually can foil more female treasures. On collocation, highlight female gentle temperament sheet is tasted, slender bare legs, no body curve for the bounty sweater add feminine flavor.

This body knitting dress inside take light close-fitting cotton unlined upper garment modelling and last year qiu dong, just adopted a blockbuster sentiments thick knit and put off jacquard version, contour deformation more thick full, long boots and wide belt of brunet color piece counteracted light eight points of the sleeve of the bouncing feeling, and with the bare skin formin visual contrast. Absorb light soft wool and paint reflective material that form the rich administrative levels, is this season most fashionable collocation.

Also is to grow place sweater combination belt is tie-in, but high go is today season enchanting neutral wind route, breaking trestles mainstream career woman entrepreneur image, will grow knitting cardigan suit jacket, replace long pendulum more add feminine flavour. Because printing already enough, so flowery dress supplement sheet is tasted should be chosen basic money lower-body fastens with color with short boots pantyhose and high effective spin moon-betrayed.
The sting of a long volts Bohemian, in different region amorous feelings and hippie rock teaming up to "call" under renewed. But this season is the so-called "new boximiya" with the previous differs somewhat, foreign nationality colourful color totem somewhat desalt,Coach Backpacks, instead of national sense strong detail adorns with gray department, and the day with a mix of multi-level wearing. Like the model wears sweaters,Coach Collections, garment body or basic money, but the sleeves doing loose elegant, amorous feelings of the point to namely stop.