Monday, January 3, 2011

Something on the Vintage Chanel HandbagsⅡ

The choices for vintage Chanel handbags are plentiful on retail websites that specialize in bid purchases. Because genuine Chanel handbags have always been manufactured with specific details, they are extremely difficult to be replicated. A logo zipper pull is always featured by a true vintage Chanel handbag. Any Chanel handbag that is made since 1990 also features a serial number with a 7 to 8 digit code. Auction Genius highly recommends of buying a Chanel handbag including a card of authenticity that matches the serial code. 

Vintage Chanel handbags include many varieties, such as beige calfskin, black lambskin, gold mesh designs, and of course the quilted suede with a flap closure. Three size options are available in vintage Chanel handbag designs. However, the overlapping C's of the Chanel logo are perhaps the most obvious clue to style and authenticity. A white, beige or black vintage Chanel handbag often has the characteristic of the overlapping C's logo in black patent leather. The logo makes a presentation in and of itself. The top part of the correct C logo should overlap the top part of the left C. Therefore, the bottom of the left C should overlap the bottom of the right C. The C's on a cope logo can not do it at all. 

The vintage Chanel handbag is described by the eternal style. The classic Chanel flap, the tassle bag or the Le Train canvas tote can finish any vintage ensemble with a look that will never go out of style. Like Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor, the classic vintage Chanel handbag is a true icon of individual style inspiring the fashion fans in everyone. The Chanel handbag is the one that we want to reach for every time for its versatility and simplicity of design. That is exactly what Coco Chanel had in when she designed legend handbag.

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