Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Louis Vuitton New Advertisemnet on Facebook

Louis Vuitton has launched 2011 spring advertisement on its official facebook. These pictures used lots of Chinese elements, such as cheongsam, folding fan, bamboo curtain, dark color furniture and golden decoration, which shock me comparing with the models' heavily made-up and eastern faces. These photos show the Orient culture in eastern way, I think.

New products of spring in 2011 are full of Orient sentiment no matter the clothes and handbags. But there are some different from the Chinese style we made ourselves, which maybe prove the old words: Distance create Beauty.

China has become one of luxury countries and all famous brands want to enter this high profit market. But LV is the first who add Chinese elements so boldly. Anyway it's the most famous brand in China, so maybe there is no wonder why it does like that.

Let's enjoy them now and have a wonderful day!