Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chanel 2.55 bags shot your eyes&stress your beauty

If we say that every woman should have a package, the package of a classic style that can not be non-Chanel. This allows one or more star ladies staff, so twhy 2.55 has so much charisma? Why it is named 2.55? Maybe you only know that with gold and silver chains, black lozenge bags called 255. So what are the classic models? Then follow reading this article, you finally find that you move closer to the fashionistas out!

You may not think of the classic Chanel 2.55 handbag name is Miss Coco a time-based and created. February 1955, Coco Chanel boldly Link Check (Quilting) used as a decoration added to the handbag design, introduced this double zonal Link Check package. As groundbreaking and unique elegant portable design work, and later she made this hand bag quickly became a new symbol of elegant and refined attitude of life, since then, the waving of the bag so that all women fascinated, the dream will become a female fashion preparation of one single product.

The reason named it 2.55, just because this bag was born in February 1955.

Strictly speaking, Chanel2.55 refers to the design of this clamshell Coco Chanel bag (because of its date, which name was 2.55). But with the 1983 Carl • Lagerfeld took over Chanel, the 2.55 of the soul is constantly adding new elements to flourish. Coco Chanel said to liberate the female body, natural but also the liberation of their hands. In the 1950s, she felt more and more women take on social roles, they start at the time must-have fashion women's bags to be improved on. This was the first luxury field with shoulder strap design of the package, while the shoulder strap has been wrapped in that era and the working class of workers rather than elegant aristocratic lady linked.

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