Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Perfume V, Chanel No.5

"5" is Chanel's lucky number. When Ernest Beaux, the perfume authority in Paris, developed several perfume samples, Chanel selected the first 5 perfume in the number of samples. And the release day of Chanel No.5 perfume was just on May 25, at same time of Chanel made fashion Game 5 being held simultaneously. In 1953, Chanel No.5 became the first perfume to use television advertising. 

Chanel No.5 is the first bottle of perfume, launched in 1921. CHANEL No.5 is the first synthesis of floral perfume bottle section, inspired by the bouquet, combining luxury and elegance and showing women's courage and daring, which completely broke the tradition of perfume at the time. Chanel advocated simple beauty and she hoped to design a simple and not the birth of the first perfume for packaging. With the neat lines of rectangular perfume bottle, Chanel No.5 words presented in black on a white background. 

From Marilyn Monroe’s famous pajamas since the birth-Chanel No.5, Chanel perfume has always been deeply rooted in an elegant image. In 1956, it became the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art collection. Even today, Chanel No.5 is still emerging as the world sales of the league title.

Coco Chanel once said: "Chance is my soul." When Chance encountered Chanel, Chance was born. Following the classic CHANEL No.5, the new fragrance with a new round image of the CHANCE become a new classic perfume, a new model for tomorrow's world. With Chanel Fragrance Master Jacques Polge hard-working in three years time, Chance is especially for young adventurous, fantasy-loving, passionate energy, but slender wild young women of the design. CHANEL chose the Russian model Anne Vyalitsyna as its international image, which is spotted her share of young and frivolous, self-confidence, a wide range of personality traits and natural beauty, in order to reflect the current best candidate. 

Packaging and design of the bottle out of the past created a memorable and new surprise to delight the visual round of the bottle. The pink packaging could easily tease the senses. Unlike the classic Chanel fragrance square bottle, Chance is Chanel's first round in the history of perfume bottles, which officially opened the new era for the Chanel's off! Within the round, No.5 is filled with wild momentum, sexy charm and surging creativity, but also containing an infinite universe, which successfully writes a new page of Chanel history.

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