Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Louis Vuitton New Advertisemnet on Facebook

Louis Vuitton has launched 2011 spring advertisement on its official facebook. These pictures used lots of Chinese elements, such as cheongsam, folding fan, bamboo curtain, dark color furniture and golden decoration, which shock me comparing with the models' heavily made-up and eastern faces. These photos show the Orient culture in eastern way, I think.

New products of spring in 2011 are full of Orient sentiment no matter the clothes and handbags. But there are some different from the Chinese style we made ourselves, which maybe prove the old words: Distance create Beauty.

China has become one of luxury countries and all famous brands want to enter this high profit market. But LV is the first who add Chinese elements so boldly. Anyway it's the most famous brand in China, so maybe there is no wonder why it does like that.

Let's enjoy them now and have a wonderful day!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Queen of Hermes Brikin--Kim Kardashian

Kardashian is famous as she is one of the best friends of Paris Hilton and she is also famous of her Hermes Brikin bags, although it is less than the Victoria Beckham, but if along trend continues, maybe she can catch up with her.

I collected Kardashian in the past year carry the few Hermes Brikin, with and admire it.

I collected a few Hermes Brikin carried by Kardashian in the past year, and maybe let's just admire them.

Kardashian and her sister, Kourtney

the three sisters

Kardashian and Khloe

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Hermes 2011 Handbags--Beyond Your Imagination

Hermes Spring 2011 Fashion Week is Jean Paul Gaultier, the design director's farewell performance.

His wondrous magical imagination has won the world. As the world's top luxury brand, Hermes need not too much time on creative as Brikin and Kelly bags have been the timeless handbags of Hermes. 

But designers like challenges best, Jean Paul Gaultier tries to be out of classic bags, and here he make Kelly be the flat waist pack, which is amazing!!!

Kelly Picnic Basket Bag shows elegance with some leisure. I love it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Handbags series fall 2011 of Victoria Bechhams

Autumn and winter fashion show in New York in 2011, the Victoria Beckham's 2011 fall collection is still attract people's eyes. In clothing, the design of this season be soft than last season's style, comfortable and spacious fitting instead of the original tough. The new handbag, add some layering and soft element to its simple style. The above handbag is the continuation of the style of last year's hot single product, but made some modifications on the details at the bottom. The size also become small, it's suit for capable and elegant professional women.

The two hatchback's travel bags like the nomadic Bohemian style, which I think is the most excellent design in this season, especially the dot pattern. They make me stunned no matter mix colors or the whole style. Although many celebrities have launched their own brands, but many are not so good. But Victoria is one of leaders. Handbags were sold out since they had launched to the market. Victoria changes her role from a fashion star to a designer. Amazing!!!

Victoria Beckham handbags are well-crafted with soft leather. They are so charming.


Victoria Beckham used the small but efficient strategy and only released several styles, so did the number in order to make people remember. In fact, each of leather goods brand open the market by one or two classic style. As you know, high identify high sales volume.

Victoria took the VBH2011 handbag with her hands, and I believe we can see her carrying out her new fall and winter handbag out. She herself is an advertisement, and can you tell me what better is good than this advocacy.