Sunday, January 30, 2011

what's the secret charm that makes women fall in love with it? Ⅱ

Here we go with our discussion of Chanel 2.55 handbag.

Its unique design is also a factor that it can catch peopel's eyes and heart. As we see many different kind of Chanel bags, so we don't think how fantastic its design it is. But many luxury brand designers, they have admitted that their inspiration came from Chanel, including Marc Jacobs. Was born in 1955, Chanel 2.55 handbag has logo-type chain strap and diamond rectangular lines leather including double C buckles, which are derived from Coco Chanel's own life experience.

The design of Chanel 2.55 double covers has its unique story. The above cover has a zipper in the dark folder, where Coco Chanel place her love letters inside. And the little clip on the back of Chanel 2.55 is the place Coco store her pocket money. The inspiration of chain design came from the orphanage where Coco stayed. The orphanage caretaker who regarded the key keep the keys with a chain in his waist. 2.55 rectangular button is named"Mademoiselle Lock", which means "lady's lock" on behalf of Coco for life never married.

Coco Chanel's life is the legend of a Cinderella turns into a princess. Women are emotional, they love Chanel as well as the story behand Chanel.

Fourth, the Chanel bag leather is durability.You can You can do an experiment, with the nail on the program about the package, leaving no trace. It's strong and durable are legendary. In fact, the things you have to use it to buy Degui cheap, a bag can be used for several decades, than those who buy the cheaper, but no long on the bad with the package, to be more cost-effective, not to mention the style, but also permanent Time.

Fifth, Chanel bag is not easy to counterfeit. China is a country of rampant fake, almost like you can afford, there will be counterfeit brand goods there, Chanel is also a favorite of counterfeiters. Most of the market is just shoddy fake, fake too outrageous, we can see a few meters away. That is because Chanel sheepskin used is fine, but the more you use the more shiny, and counterfeiters is difficult to find alternatives.

Sixth, the back of Chanel bags, the woman will dress up and allow yourself to become more confident, more attractive. Chanel bag is the minimum price of twenty thousand, carrying it out, naturally can not dress sloppy, slovenly shape, for fear people will leave the true package as a package, I'm sorry it's price. A love of their women, should be modified as the appearance of life on the homework, like Chanel to say: "I can not understand why women are not just for politeness, dress up and look out the front of all, who knows what each day will is meant to be a big day

There are many reasons that women love Chanel, but maybe we need no reason when we love something.

Have a good day.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

what's the secret charm that makes women fall in love with it?

Chanel always has many fans in handbags forum, although its new updated styles are very few. But women like to discuss them. Some girls even strive for a Chanel 2.55 handbag as one of their dreams. So what's the secret charm that makes women fall in love with it?

I will discuss this with you.

Firstly, its price is always rising. Although the rising range doesn't like the real estate, but almost six months or a year, the price of Chanel handbags will float upward. In luxury secondary market, Chanel is always the most popular one, as if you buy Chanel handbags this year and sell it at a higher price next year, then could you find any more cost-effective investment? Frankly to say, I can't. Because the prices have been growing steadily, the Chanel 2.55 handbags occupy in the forefront of worth-investment handbags.

Secondly, Chanel handbag is the symbol of wealth and taste. Advanced information and technology make more and more people around the world know this brand. People see the stars and socialites have Chanel handbags with their hands on TV. Maybe most of us aren't rich as them during our whole life, but we can have a Chanel handbag as theirs.  In western, a girl who has a Chanel handbag means she has grow up, she who turn to a fashion women from a little girl. I always see many girl are considered as gold digger because they show off their famous brand handbags, which I think it's unfair to them. It's the real world; everyone has more or less vanity. Some people like to show off wealth, some love to show off taste, and some like to show their unique. All of these are showing off, so there should not have vulgar or elegant taste on this point.

Ok, today, we talk here, and later we can continue.

Have a nice day.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Chanel Bubble bags

U.S drama "Gossip Girl " acrress Blake Lively recently was photographed in the streets in New York's. Casual dress, carried a purple Chanel Bubble bag with hands, sharp-eyed fashion people who immediately recognized that she had photographed carrying this bag for many times, it seems the one is one of her favorite Chanel bags

Although Chanel bubble bag is not as classic as Chanel 2.55 bag but younger and more fashionable & practical. The drawback of Chanel 2.55 bag is that the bag's free space is too small. The medium and small bags can held few items, but bubble bag is very useful because of the soft leather, including its oval shape. Many girls dream of this style, come and have a look.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New styles of Chanel Bags in 2011

It’s said that every woman should have one Chanel bag at least. And every new style is the women’s dream around the world.  Here are the 2011 new style bags.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chanel handbag --the trademark--Double C

The artist interlocking Double C’s that has prefabricated the brand so famous and in obligation is both striking and unequalled despite its simplicity.

The trademark is substitutable with broad collection and trend environment style, patch convergency both with dominant comfort. Women every over the concern poverty to possess at small one Chanel Handbag during their period and ofttimes go to enthusiastic lengths to attain that.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Your Best Valentine's Day GIFT – Replica Chanel Handbags

Chanel handbags are digit of the most favourite handbag lines in the world, with a daylong distinction of practice and foam stamped quality. Despite past obligation for another brands much as Coach handbags the Chanel distinction easily outranks whatever another brands in outlay of obligation and ingest by another fashion socialites.

Any Mohammedan who is patterned with Chanel handbags slung over her margin or tripping by her limb is automatically regarded highly. This indistinguishability and its concomitant popularity has course led to whatever imitators in the broad end fashion world. It has also brought most whatever replicas and in its poorest times, imitation imitations of the originals.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chanel 2.55 bags-- you worth it!

There are one bag you need to know about,the one is the Chanel 2.55. A typical Chanel handbag you say? Well, helllooooo, it’s called an icon! History was made when Coco Chanel introduced this bag in February 1955 (as in, 2.55). Coco wanted a shoulder bag to free up her hands. Hey, she had other things to carry. The quilts were inspired by jackets worn by jockeys (yes, jockeys). This classic is being reissued for this season in white, black and silver, which we love the most. For the collectors out there, this is a must.

I just want to let it out from my chest! I love it, I am so in love with it. I just got my Chanel 2.55 classic bag from the one and only chanel boutique in my country at rm12890 or pound sterling 2,478. I know I can get cheaper in italy but i cant just wait for unconfirmed trip next year. ah so relief!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Show your charm with fantastic fragraces

Ms.Coco Chanel once said:"A woman who has no perfume has no future" Now in cities, more and more women are keen to use the perfume. Those touches of dense fragrant, lingering beauty are blurred. But how to choose a good perfume for them has become a point of confusion, Here we commend some popular fragrances, so have a look and may you kike them.

Chanel always notices the kind of temperament. Now new Chanel No.5 may be more suitable the girls aesthetic requirements nowadays. If you want Vintage style
, you can choose the old section Chanel No.5. Chanel No.5 has the simple bottle that is undoubtedly a big surprise.

Chanel No.5, just like the Chanel suit, is the necessary funds of urban women . The first synthetic perfume has represented an era.

And come and see other fantastic fragrances.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chanel handbags for Valentine's Day

Every beautiful woman eager to own a Chanel handbags and desire to show their self-expression and unique charm to the world.

Valentine's Day is coming and at this time, gift a Chanel handbags to your lovers and your friends is a good choice.

Come and see our products for you.

There are more beautiful products waiting for you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tips for you to find affordable Chanel handbags

Chanel handbags are known for their style, high-quality and expert craftsmanship. You don't have to pay a fortune for your own Chanel handbag. If you know how, you can find affordable Chanel handbags using your computer

Check out discount online stores. Retailers such as these often offer designer purses and hand bags at discounted prices. Try to check with them regularly as their inventories tend to fluctuate. Often, when a particular purse sells out, they don't get more of that particular model.

Browse high-end department stores at the end of the season. Most stores discount items at the season's close to prepare for the next season's items which are coming in. Designer purses will often be discounted in order to purge the inventory for the new designs. You can sometimes find great deals this way.

Check out outlet stores. The merchandise may be slightly defective or just overstocked, and as a result the prices are lower. Ask a sales associate if there are any possible defects on the bags that interest you.

Shop local boutiques regularly to take advantage of sales. Look for high-end thrift stores in your area, if you don't mind a used Chanel handbag. Various large cities feature thrift stores that only sell designer or very high-quality items. While you'll pay much more than standard thrift stores prices, you'll pay much less than you would have at a department store.

Chanel Handbags exclusively for attractive women

When we covered the runway debut of the Chanel Spring/Summer Handbags back in October, reviews were mixed. Some people appreciated the slightly barnyard feel of the collection, others thought it wasn’t luxurious or sophisticated enough for the Chanel customer. 

As time has passed, my opinion has softened a bit. They didn’t go as straw-heavy on the bags that made it to retail, and several of the non-straw bags are totally lovely. My personal favorite is the water colored Classic Flap Bag, which would look utterly elegant with a variety of summer wardrobe options.

On the downside, they’re apparently still trying to make those puffy Coco Cocoon bags happen; I was really wishing that they were going to be a one-season experiment, what with their startling resemblance to trash bags. As for the straw bags that dot the collection, they’re very taste-specific, but I could see some of the more subdued version working quite well with summery white linen or various bright colors for contrast. We’ve got pictures of all the bags, after the jump.

Chanel’s Outstanding Pieces are just that – outstanding. Even if you don’t count yourself among Chanel‘s fans, you have to admit that there are a few things Karl & Co. do very well. Chiefly among them are the gorgeously detailed and often-exotic flap bags that the company releases every season in its Outstanding Pieces capsule collection, which is exactly what it sounds like – the best of the best from one of the world’s biggest handbag brands. Close-up pictures of all four of fall outstanding bags, which use alligator, stingray and python skins, after the jump.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker with Her Goldbar Chanel Clutch

Get your sexy back! The new movie Sexy and the City is back on the screen. This wind of sexy is flowing all around the world recently. One of the main characters Sarah Jessica Parker is spotted holding her glamorous Goldbar Chanel Clutch.

The movie is good, Carrie (the character which Sarah plays in the movie) is good, but the Goldbar Chanel Clutch is more than good. Sarah looks so glowing with this little white dress, the little necklace and the cool gunglasses, but the most eye-catching point is the Goldbar Chanel clutch in her hand. I’m sure the little shinny clutch can easily upgrades your whole outfit even with the most simple dress on you.

This fabulous Goldbar Chanel clutch is one of the true stars in the film. If you ever see a Sexy and the City, you can never be blinded to see the many designer bags and dresses in the movie. The minute my eyes met this Chanel Clutch, they were fixed on it because it is so beautiful and so lovely that I want to own it so desperately. The leather is firmly trimmed but doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable when you touch it.

For those who search for the ultimate luxury and shine, the Chanel Goldbar Clutch is definitely the one to achieve your wildest dream. Sarah Jessica Parker is noted as “the bag lady”, every bag that she ever shows up with, the sailing can be amazing. As a fan of Chanel bags, I personally can’t love this little shiny Goldbar Clutch more; it fits my desire of designer purses in every detail. As a maniac of fashion or of Chanel, have you got the Chanel purses in your dream yet, start your journey with Chanel a shop.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Beautifu Women in Chanel Dress O(∩_∩)O

Once a ‘young intellectual’ dispatched to the countryside for her reeducation, a 59-year-old women decides to embrace life’s second spring by putting herself under the knife then getting into the Chanel dress. 
Lying on an operating table, she felt more excited than scared. Although it was not easy for the 59-year-old to decide to undergo plastic surgery, the women said she had been waiting for this moment for decades.
While the main operation has been successful, the women still has some way to go before she comes close to her idol----Hong Kong actress Angie Chiu.
But she is happy and hopes her new face will herald a new life.
As a wise saw of Coco Chanel goes: “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty”. Her courage and confidence have encouraged many people, ranging from the young to her peers, to pursue their dreams of beauty.
“Must the elderly always pick up their grandchildren, or wait for death at home? I don’t think so. I want to pursue my own life,” said the women with tears in her eyes, “I hope that one day I could catch eyes of a vast majority of people just like a real star in Chanel dress which always leads the fashion and puts elegance extremely outside.”
In many cases, the woman who pays too much attention to her outlook as well as dressing up would always been looked down upon. The woman who has amazing appearance and wisdom is naturally real, but self-cultivation can be trained to improve. As a famous remark of Coco Chanel goes: “Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, does not consist in putting on a new dress, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.” 

If you have the quality of beauty, maximize it to show, if you do not, handle the outside help to beautify it. Everyone has the right to presume upon amazing appearance. Then Chanel would be your first wise choice.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New style of Chanel No.5

The sense of maturity is born with women, which is full of temptations. And Chanel No.5 can increase this temptation. Chanel N °5 perfume make five become a magic number and represent a beautiful legend as well.

Coco Chanel named 5 to a very modren fragrance in 1912. Till today, Chanel N °5 has created a classic and timeless fragrance legend.

Chanel combines boutique accessory concept with the design of Chanel  N ° 5 to creat two styles perfume carried in handbags easily, which attract many people like the fine jewelry.

Legendary Chanel N ° 5 appear with modern appearance to world. Outline black mirror bottle with matallic gold or silver lines and rotate one -hand  opening bollte design that can be tranfer out of the nozzle. Timeless CC logo imprited on top of bottle, which cast the perfect fragrance seal.