Saturday, December 11, 2010

Coco Chanel and Her Chanel 2.55

Coco Chanel, who is the founder of Chanel, had a beautiful life. At present, Chanel is so popular that Coco must be happy that there are so many people like her brand if she is still alive.
Obviously, the most famous one is Chanel 2.55, and the design of it is well worth knowing.
As is known to us all, Coco Chanel designed Chanel 2.55 in person, and the inspiration was from her life in orphanage when she was young. It is known that Coco Chanel had an unfortunate childhood; however, the experience became her material for design proposal. 

Inside of Chanel 2.55, there is purplish red leather, and it is just an emblem of her childhood. The reason is that the uniform that the children wear in the orphanage was just this color. The design of double-canopy is also of special meaning, there is a place for Coco to store her love letters from boys. Back of Chanel 2.55 is a small pocket, which is used as a wallet to store Coco’s pocket money. The chain is also a light spot, Coco remembered the keeper in the orphanage used to tie such a chain around his waist with keys dangling at its end. The button of Chanel 2.55 is quadrate, and the name is “Mademoiselle Lock”, telling that Coco never married someone in her life, so that she was called Miss Coco Chanel all her life. 

To some extent, we don’t like Chanel for its position in the fashion filed, but for the stories beyond the brand, such as Chanel 2.55. We can know the past and the reason for each part, only in this way can we understand the products we like well enough. 

Every brand has its history, and even every single product has its own story, if we want to know something well, we should try to know its story, shouldn’t we? What’s more, it is just a way to show our respect to the products we like. My love to Chanel 2.55 is out of question, but when I know the story beyond it, I like the story more and the spirit Coco Chanel had.

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