Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First high-level of the eternal classic Chanel Jewelry

Gabrielle Chanel was able to express his desire for ultimate perfection as the diamonds bright, charming, pure and everlasting......In 1932, when the decorative arts became popular and coincided with the occasion of the Great Depression in Europe, Ms.Chanel chose such a special time for her first senior jewelry. All diamonds held on the exhibition were inlaid with platinum, which was also unique at that time.

Coco Chanel held that grand fine jewelry exhibition in her private apartment located in No.29, Honore Street, Saint, Paris. Tall windows in the Chinese lacquered screens, baroque mirrors and crystal chandeliers of the mansion, uniquely placed in the wax bust of models used to display some of her works. Gorgeous lighting, crystal mirror reflects the light that magnify the diamond, all those made it as a jewelry feast. 

Diamond jewelry wore by wax models and exhibited as the museum works form in 1932. Selected Comte as the inspiration theme of the series, as Coco Chanel once said:"Meteor is beyond time and space, and long-lasting modern." Stars are fleeting, but the diamonds and fine jewelry still on behalf of the futuristic and timeless classic forever.

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