Friday, December 17, 2010

Chanel Sunglasses for women

Last year qiu dong designers in chanted "no seasonal", let the models a naked forearm stepping on a winter, this time of year sandals but take they wrapped solidly plastered over, thick warm woollen material became assessing the mainstream. Now the weather small cool,Chanel Sunglasses, appropriate keep warm and can enrich a garment layers of sweaters brought upper body just in time.

Compared with to season, this season's sweater relaxing swelled garment body size and weakened the colour purity,ugg uk, in order to agree with seasonal "warm" and "neutral" theme. Seems some cold curt,ugg cardy, actually can foil more female treasures. On collocation, highlight female gentle temperament sheet is tasted, slender bare legs, no body curve for the bounty sweater add feminine flavor.

This body knitting dress inside take light close-fitting cotton unlined upper garment modelling and last year qiu dong, just adopted a blockbuster sentiments thick knit and put off jacquard version, contour deformation more thick full, long boots and wide belt of brunet color piece counteracted light eight points of the sleeve of the bouncing feeling, and with the bare skin formin visual contrast. Absorb light soft wool and paint reflective material that form the rich administrative levels, is this season most fashionable collocation.

Also is to grow place sweater combination belt is tie-in, but high go is today season enchanting neutral wind route, breaking trestles mainstream career woman entrepreneur image, will grow knitting cardigan suit jacket, replace long pendulum more add feminine flavour. Because printing already enough, so flowery dress supplement sheet is tasted should be chosen basic money lower-body fastens with color with short boots pantyhose and high effective spin moon-betrayed.
The sting of a long volts Bohemian, in different region amorous feelings and hippie rock teaming up to "call" under renewed. But this season is the so-called "new boximiya" with the previous differs somewhat, foreign nationality colourful color totem somewhat desalt,Coach Backpacks, instead of national sense strong detail adorns with gray department, and the day with a mix of multi-level wearing. Like the model wears sweaters,Coach Collections, garment body or basic money, but the sleeves doing loose elegant, amorous feelings of the point to namely stop.

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