Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love that touch of red lips--Chanel Lipsticks

Coco Chanel created the first lipstick in 1924. Since then, the evolution history of lipstick began, many precious lipsticks began to enter our brain......


The first Chanel lipstick, which is the basis of lipstick. Adding a perfect color to balance Chanel's beige, black and gold, which are the basic color elements.  Chanel has always been great emphasis on the performance of the line, therefore, this lipstick contains almost all of the launched lipsticks ' classic characteristics of carton packaging: clean lines, gold ring shape, contrast, fine inlaid ... ... bright saturated color (the only preserved color at the time of three new colors) and also fully demonstrated the Chanel fine taste.


It's Ms. Chanel rallied period. End the use of metal pipe body, the first time set in the pattern of gold rings, a simple shape as the classic Chanel suit as a popular representative. Meanwhile, the curved shape of the square, and then became the Chanel design on one of the main shape. In addition, this is the first time introduced in the Chanel make-up series, which contains up to 11 species of color.

ROUGE HYDRABASE bright red lipstick (1969)

This is one of the classic Chanel lipstick series, is still subject to a considerable degree of love. 18 models were launched Color (1989, increased to 31 species). The lipstick tube body updated the look to become the most important part of the Golden Circle (see lipstick in 1949.)

INFRAROUGE induction Lipstick (2000)

"Barrel metal" color of the tube body, reminiscent of 30's packaging. Very futuristic line shape, 18 color, and 4 make-up effects (matt, silk, fluorescent, metallic luster.)

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