Monday, November 22, 2010

Unique Chanel button glasses

Coco Chanel said:"Button is very important, never think they are just normal buttons. It will need more taste and effort to find a precious and unique button, which is for elegance."

All Chanel's buttons were made by Desrues Buttons Square, which is very professional, through special "copper" effect with black treatment; desalt the stressed-shiny metallic luster. There are lion buttons (Chanel symbol constellation), Shou turtle, leaf, lucky\grass, and the legendary logo- "CC".

Karl Lagerfeld continues the tradition and depends on his inspiration to reinterpret with the lion, the sun, camellias, pearls or leather chain as the Mark by decorating buttons with the sunglasses. There are four different models of this series: single button, double buttons, triple buttons and mystery box buttons. Buttons are the fashion decorative element, and reflect the style of classic and modern as well.

The mini-arched buttons embedded in the chain abounded by copper band, the single-button style shows "rock fashion". There have different colors on the temples of the glasses, which engraved with” CHANEL" brand logo: black, ivory and wine red. The colors are in accord with the inside of classic Chanel handbags.

The double buttons style enhances the temperament of sunglasses. Show unprecedented elegance with brand logo and delicate chain.

The triple buttons sunglasses focus on the details of the hinge pin mirror. The elegant buttons embedded in the staggered chain with proportionate and harmonious composite and complex structure. Soft square frame design, you can choose gold, tortoise shell, deep black, bright white wine with bright red.

The mystery box type a unique button style, single button brings the mysterious irresistible aesthetic charm. Implicitly reflects the classic signs, buttons, design ingenuity and butterfly flying style bring new levels of style and temperament background. Open the mystery with thumb will present the engraved "31 rue Cambon Paris" (Ba Li Kangpeng Street 31) Specular Surfaces.

Each model is equipped with the smotth black glasses box. Decorated with sigle button and "CC" logo by profiling with soft gold on the jet, which reflect the luxury of the new glasses charm.

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