Saturday, November 27, 2010

Chanel 2.55 bags win in China

It is full use of expertise and knowledge of global brands all the time. A officer, C&T Cuti says the brand victory is carried out from system features. The launching of the brand will need to have one’s personal features.

6 months time, Chanel 2.55 bag, C & T Cuti wants to win in China, it is necessary to ensure that mobility contains Italy smell and of some other place the same time, with some of China's marine characteristics. Precisely because of this strategy must be review tube easily follows ZARA, H & M and other "fast fashion" brands, dignity was the first to suffer repeated pressure, and C & T Cuti sets foot in China that seems clear and steady.

A fact is that C & T quietly accelerated the layout in 6 months time. C & T is awarded by a record of "quick fashion," the sale of bags recorded net buying platform. C & T this year will be well known. C & T at the helm before the Cuti, Gan Fei-fei has a rich experience of B2C marketing, it is valuable experience, and she should focus on C & T made of "China's C&T Cuti “, Chanel handbags. A few years ago, that field has a history of 140 Italian young Wallace is already figured into the old bag into the Bang market. At the beginning, it will line resolution, "the original soil" of the road.

Since establishing the supply chain to the recruitment team, to design, materials, always finish the long march of the other place of all is the brand. Designers, buyers, planners, marketing staff, from all day, not tired of them foreigners, they are proportionate to familiarize themselves with the case of China, and the market demand can make a reflection in time.

Love the details of white hair looking young women to package fewer share some of the details, so that those who search out tide mobility to Europe, North good, Japan and Hong Kong region smelly streets, looked at the warm co-operate on what they had, then those fashion Meta meat to participate in the design.

All in all, Chanel 2.55 bag is absolutely a success.

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