Friday, November 26, 2010

Chanel brand culture

In Chanel brand culture, life is beautiful and romantic. It incorporates luxury and graceful, let people in its unique romantic atmosphere addictions. Through years of vicissitudes of life, this one brand is still marvelous; send out a unique mysterious charm.

Countless heaven and earth are fashionable elegance, neat &graceful in this beautiful a hold between, faint a wisp of heart, leading you to rush to the imagination of eternal kingdom, which is the brand eternal charm.

Pursuing aestheticism loves jasmine in the place of disclosing the bit of beauty, unique illustration, especially for Oriental beauty profound understanding. This brand is officially launched "adornment human's science" perfume concept slogan. From "people", "adornment" and "scientific" these three separate keywords, clearly show the amore dedicated to promoting the quality of life and the pursuit of aesthetic qualities, health and happiness consistent philosophy.

With a history of over 100 years of development and in the field of art continuous innovation, this brand still holds true, pursue to supreme good, the most beautiful brand concept, this spirit is also made Chanel eternal originated reputation. For with international vision of Asian skin experts, this brand had been standing in global academic circles to the organism and cosmetics research field.

We believe that "Make consumers get pleasant feeling for the development of the fundamental standpoint, a full understanding of the world consumers through basis, using the brand of experience and skin appliances production technology, adhering to the "high quality, high image, high service" marketing concepts, in response to world consumer demands.

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