Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chanel No.5 - Eternal Memorial

At Chanel male - company, all the perfume is not step by step according to production procedure of modulation, but fully mobilize perfume allocate division of visual, touching, smelling, listening, taste, with god - the mind, body, and spirit to feel, body - check products, with all the mind to create products. Just as Mrs. Chanel he describes: "this is what I want. A different from previous perfume. It is a smell fragrant and memorable perfume.

Whether with strong male elements of sports raiment (suit) Jersey, two-piece the tweed suit (t - weed), break the old values of artificial jewelry, with strong female Lord - righteousness color colors camellia totem, or Marlin Monroe in bed - the only wearing Chanel No. 5 - challenge old repeatedly, Chanel deity - system created new fashion. Chanel lady, don't lie in the most practical and luxuriant, her life around rip inspiration from, especially love. Unlike other designers demands on others with their design, Chanel provides a solution - put meaning since - by and selection, the costume design from male view primarily tide turned into performance female beauty - feeling of independent stage.

Abandon tight waist, shoulder strap, advocate castigated skirt type purse and textiles sets; Coco Chanel skill dominant 20 (superscript) century women's style, posture, and lifestyle, a simple and comfortable luxurious new philosophy, as she was said: "luxuriant opposite not poverty, and is vulgar".

It is this reason, ensured Chanel 5 scent-bottle simple shape design in the same period of perfume works inside, become one of the most strange looks, for all extremely use up heavy and complicated hummed feature scent-bottle inside, only like a bottle of perfume Chanel 5 naked valium. But this is a simple, formed - strands of new aesthetic power successfully scored beauties the ladies of decorous atrium, they finally need not addicted to the gaudy riches and honors, and can be in concise and strong design, find precious texture.

CHANEL 5 perfume bottle has a gem cutting shape is like a form of caps, through - Ming crystal square body modeling, line is agile, "CHANEL" and "NO5" black font above presented in white, very impressive. But in the avocations richly busy at that time, many people are not good for this look like a bottle of perfume, went and even a few seen Chanel 5 perfume fashion designed - home, believed that the name is Mrs. Chanel life lost in this bottle "crude" among the bottle.

As a result, they did not expect, this a bottle of perfume, they used to watch good in the world the most popular time, unexpectedly than their life will last long.

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