Thursday, November 18, 2010

(Chanel) Fil de Camelia open on the wrist

Camellias only open in January in nature, but in Chanel’s design, it can bloom every season, never die. On the wrist camellias, monoecious and ambiguous meaning, with the image of the flower of a taboo, is one of the classic signs of Chanel. It is not only the national flower of the Chanel Kingdom, highlighting the unique and noble taste, but also a symbol of the sexual revolution, which encourage women to invest in liberation from the traditional home.

There’s nothing like a blinged-out J12 to pull one out of a funk.

The latest collection maintains the signature sporty look and ceramic material that has made the J12 a star since its launch in 2000.

But in its newest incarnation, the ceramic has been cut into black baguettes echoing the silhouette of the black diamond’s that adorn numerous other models of the J12.

With a blossom of 338 diamonds set in 18 kt yellow gold, it’s too flowery for my taste.

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