Friday, November 19, 2010

Grasse, the birthplace of Chanel No.5

Grasse,located in southern France is the resort towm town. In the nearby hills, a tranquil valley looming, winding country road cut open from the middle, a stream called Ceva pinch quiet flow, the other side is famous shrine of the flat Rose and jasmine fragrance in the world.

This flower field called Le Petit Campadieu in French, means "God's little camp", is the world's most famous perfume raw materials suppliers.

The flower field make fragrant for countless women around the world was operated by Joseph Mul, who is the fifthe generation owner of the Flower Field Glass.
There are half jamine and half rose in his daily care of 100 hectares of flower fields.

Joseph Mul's farmland has become the supplier of Chanel's perfume since 1986.

There will harvest 50 tonnes of fixed ocean shipping out for producing rose perfume from Joseph Mul's Flower Fiedl on May every year.

"May the rose"is the most famous rose perfume as well as one of the fields that visitors eager to visit.

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