Thursday, November 25, 2010

Classic features of Chanel bag

Sub-brand fashion bags not only can be used for storing personal items, but also reflects a person's identity, status, economic status and even personality and so on. A carefully selected series of 46 961 COCO CHANEL new dark gray with a finishing touch, it can decorate your real fashion women.

Although the "super A goods" "A goods" both have a word "A", but the quality is that much difference. First, over the selected A leather goods, hardware are made better, more expensive materials. In addition work is also very particular about and demanding style is basically the size of style with the Chanel bag which is not revised imitation. A cargo does so out of ultra-high cost, and some good new COCO CHANEL series 46961 dark gray, or even to leave chaos.

Rare vacation, it is my favorite to have a change in usual boring OL dress, cool handsome neutral style and wear berets, travel boots, dark green jacket long paragraph. Wow, immediately turned Fashionable, super child as Fan! With such a simple large recreation of the Chanel bag, cross shoulder, it seems have more style.

A general super brand name bag with the original number of children have a different bag, you pay for, after all, the original cost of the bag with a big change, but the super A bag is the highest price, quality does good. Especially the leather bag, super A is the first choice of goods, nearly authentic quality, but prices are much lower. Let me say a cargo, A general selection of leather goods, hardware, super-A are not good, and some hardware easy to fade. A cargo is more important is working with the super stock A lot worse.

2008 INDY BAG have changed the characteristics of large capacity, turn a small victory, not only the test of craftsmen more people in their craft, but also promoted to the evening will be The Chanel COCO CHANEL new series 46961 dark gray level, while the longer and more slender straps are suggesting that people, most carrying anti-Karma is IN the back of the shoulders relaxed, comfortable forward.

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