Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chanel NO.5: Personalization hit consumers

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Recently, the major media have reported the 100th anniversary of the fashion global brands - Chanel. The "Chanel NO.5" perfume is the most representative, most classic and most popular among the brands. Even today, it is still crowned world champion in the sale of similar goods around the world, it can sell one bottle every half a minute.

There is a beautiful story about the birth of Chanel No. 5. It was reported that Paris perfume industry's "name nose" Ernest Beaux developed a variety of perfume samples, so that Ms. Chanel to select one and she picked the No.5 and name NO.5- her lucky number-as the perfume. What's more, the fragrance was released on May 25 in the Chanel No.5 shop.

Why it can be so popular around the world?

Yes, Chanel No.5 did all it required by people-personalized to the teeth.

Personalized Quality

Any brands or products that want to be better with time in fierce competition in the market better must have their own unique things that competitors can not replicate. "This is what I want. A different kind of perfume in the past, a smell of fragrant, unforgettable woman." This is the concept of Chanel perfume, "Perfume is like a slap in the face so strong that be memorable forever. "Chanel No. 5 interpret the concept perfectly.

It's no doubt that Chanel No.5 perfume liked a rebellious spirit in the perfume industry, which was pride of mimic real flowers at that time.

Chanel No. 5 perfume completely avoid the fragrance made by flowers. It's the first perfume using a high concentration of perfume compound acetaldehyde, which includes 130 kinds of flavors, including most of the main synthetic taste of modern floral fragrance, created an unprecedented unique flavor. That's why it hit the consumer.

Personalized Packaging

The package of Chanel No.5 perfume use square bottle and clear glass with no decoration. The shape like a cap-like gem cutting, its transparent crystal of square bottle shape and neat lines makes it more attractive. The black letters"CHANEL"and"No.5" represented on white background that be memorable easily.

" My aesthetic point is different from others who add up for fear of lack of land, however, I cut down one by one." Chanel's aesthetic ideas evolved into a new wave of aesthetic power as Chanel No.5.  The modern awsthetic of Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle also makes it elected as one of outstanding arts in 1959 among the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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