Sunday, January 30, 2011

what's the secret charm that makes women fall in love with it? Ⅱ

Here we go with our discussion of Chanel 2.55 handbag.

Its unique design is also a factor that it can catch peopel's eyes and heart. As we see many different kind of Chanel bags, so we don't think how fantastic its design it is. But many luxury brand designers, they have admitted that their inspiration came from Chanel, including Marc Jacobs. Was born in 1955, Chanel 2.55 handbag has logo-type chain strap and diamond rectangular lines leather including double C buckles, which are derived from Coco Chanel's own life experience.

The design of Chanel 2.55 double covers has its unique story. The above cover has a zipper in the dark folder, where Coco Chanel place her love letters inside. And the little clip on the back of Chanel 2.55 is the place Coco store her pocket money. The inspiration of chain design came from the orphanage where Coco stayed. The orphanage caretaker who regarded the key keep the keys with a chain in his waist. 2.55 rectangular button is named"Mademoiselle Lock", which means "lady's lock" on behalf of Coco for life never married.

Coco Chanel's life is the legend of a Cinderella turns into a princess. Women are emotional, they love Chanel as well as the story behand Chanel.

Fourth, the Chanel bag leather is durability.You can You can do an experiment, with the nail on the program about the package, leaving no trace. It's strong and durable are legendary. In fact, the things you have to use it to buy Degui cheap, a bag can be used for several decades, than those who buy the cheaper, but no long on the bad with the package, to be more cost-effective, not to mention the style, but also permanent Time.

Fifth, Chanel bag is not easy to counterfeit. China is a country of rampant fake, almost like you can afford, there will be counterfeit brand goods there, Chanel is also a favorite of counterfeiters. Most of the market is just shoddy fake, fake too outrageous, we can see a few meters away. That is because Chanel sheepskin used is fine, but the more you use the more shiny, and counterfeiters is difficult to find alternatives.

Sixth, the back of Chanel bags, the woman will dress up and allow yourself to become more confident, more attractive. Chanel bag is the minimum price of twenty thousand, carrying it out, naturally can not dress sloppy, slovenly shape, for fear people will leave the true package as a package, I'm sorry it's price. A love of their women, should be modified as the appearance of life on the homework, like Chanel to say: "I can not understand why women are not just for politeness, dress up and look out the front of all, who knows what each day will is meant to be a big day

There are many reasons that women love Chanel, but maybe we need no reason when we love something.

Have a good day.

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