Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let Classic Chanel 2.55 glitter your eyes

Chanel Classic is the handbag that is designed in 1983 by designer Karl Lagerfeld modifies the in accordance after 2.55. Chanel classic is a double C turn buckle. Chanel classic chain shoulder paragraph is the official term "leather string chain", by definition is wearing a leather cord inside the metal chain.

It has a special design inspiration. Chanel2.55 applies smoothing of the metal chain, this design inspired by the hem of her coat to increase the fixed sense of vertical fall metal chain, which significantly changed the habit of ladies with handbags. She introduced two models: during daytime, they use lambskin style, as well as wearing silk or knitted fabric handbag Jersey in the evening.

Chanel official release, 2.55 can both refer to for Ms Chanel 1955 the original terms and "Chanel classic." But for the demanding details of the reader, Karl took over in 1983, designed by the classic double-C switch button Link Check package, and Chanel introduced each season chaining flip all leather shoulder bag, which we used to call the "Chanel classic" and 1955, Ms. Chanel original 2.55 which subtle differences in the end, of course, if you do not necessarily have the original version, Chanel Classic 2.55 version, and Miss Coco also has the meaning of classic and trendy of fashion.

Chanel Classic, the most popular kid in addition to fabric, there are a lot of material to choose from. Including caviar embossed calf leather, patent leather, crocodile skin and snake skin, gorgeous color, a gray, sandy brown, celadon, midnight blue, brown, and other seasonal fashion colors. Lambskin, usually more expensive than calfskin, lambskin is very soft, like a baby's skin as it can massage from time to time!

Chanel Classic is not the flip, only the one of size 16 × 25.5 × 7.5 cm of the original classic is the same as a flip of 2.55, so this is more close to the original style.

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