Friday, January 7, 2011

Chanel opens a pop-up shop in the Chalet de Pierres!

Chanel once again attracted our attention or perhaps just want to extend the server cold inspiration in 2010 Winter. Thankfully, Chanel has had the foresight to open a pop-up shop in the exclusive ski capital to cater to such requirements. 

Anyone not currently defending floorspace in Terminal 5, suspend the smugness for a moment and imagine yourself in Courchevel. Between the skiing, the Beckham -spotting, the après-ski, and the après-après-ski-mulled-wine cuddle by the fire, perhaps you’ll find yourself in need of an ice-cube effect handbag.

The shop – open in the Chalet de Pierres from now through April 15 – features Karl Lagerfeld’s snow-ready fantasy fur coats, angora-tufted dresses, and of course, those ice-cube bags.
The shop provides beautiful and classic handbags, where you can meet with your 2.55…dear…

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