Saturday, January 29, 2011

what's the secret charm that makes women fall in love with it?

Chanel always has many fans in handbags forum, although its new updated styles are very few. But women like to discuss them. Some girls even strive for a Chanel 2.55 handbag as one of their dreams. So what's the secret charm that makes women fall in love with it?

I will discuss this with you.

Firstly, its price is always rising. Although the rising range doesn't like the real estate, but almost six months or a year, the price of Chanel handbags will float upward. In luxury secondary market, Chanel is always the most popular one, as if you buy Chanel handbags this year and sell it at a higher price next year, then could you find any more cost-effective investment? Frankly to say, I can't. Because the prices have been growing steadily, the Chanel 2.55 handbags occupy in the forefront of worth-investment handbags.

Secondly, Chanel handbag is the symbol of wealth and taste. Advanced information and technology make more and more people around the world know this brand. People see the stars and socialites have Chanel handbags with their hands on TV. Maybe most of us aren't rich as them during our whole life, but we can have a Chanel handbag as theirs.  In western, a girl who has a Chanel handbag means she has grow up, she who turn to a fashion women from a little girl. I always see many girl are considered as gold digger because they show off their famous brand handbags, which I think it's unfair to them. It's the real world; everyone has more or less vanity. Some people like to show off wealth, some love to show off taste, and some like to show their unique. All of these are showing off, so there should not have vulgar or elegant taste on this point.

Ok, today, we talk here, and later we can continue.

Have a nice day.

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