Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker with Her Goldbar Chanel Clutch

Get your sexy back! The new movie Sexy and the City is back on the screen. This wind of sexy is flowing all around the world recently. One of the main characters Sarah Jessica Parker is spotted holding her glamorous Goldbar Chanel Clutch.

The movie is good, Carrie (the character which Sarah plays in the movie) is good, but the Goldbar Chanel Clutch is more than good. Sarah looks so glowing with this little white dress, the little necklace and the cool gunglasses, but the most eye-catching point is the Goldbar Chanel clutch in her hand. I’m sure the little shinny clutch can easily upgrades your whole outfit even with the most simple dress on you.

This fabulous Goldbar Chanel clutch is one of the true stars in the film. If you ever see a Sexy and the City, you can never be blinded to see the many designer bags and dresses in the movie. The minute my eyes met this Chanel Clutch, they were fixed on it because it is so beautiful and so lovely that I want to own it so desperately. The leather is firmly trimmed but doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable when you touch it.

For those who search for the ultimate luxury and shine, the Chanel Goldbar Clutch is definitely the one to achieve your wildest dream. Sarah Jessica Parker is noted as “the bag lady”, every bag that she ever shows up with, the sailing can be amazing. As a fan of Chanel bags, I personally can’t love this little shiny Goldbar Clutch more; it fits my desire of designer purses in every detail. As a maniac of fashion or of Chanel, have you got the Chanel purses in your dream yet, start your journey with Chanel a shop.

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