Thursday, January 6, 2011

The reasons you deserve the Chanel 2.55 handbags

Perhaps some people’s dream in life is to have a Chanel 2.55, and maybe some people have realized this dream for many times, and there is not the exceptional rule that some people find their style a bit too traditional or outdated.

 If you were trying to find some good reasons to fall in love with 2.55, then I'll give you some great reasons for it today. Before the breakdown of these reasons I would like to begin with 2.55 and Classic Flag to talk about these two very similar packages and what is the difference in the end.

The first one is in the slump in the global economy; Chanel has a different tune, always frequent price increases in recent years. If you have plans to buy a 2.55 or Classic Flag, do not take into account a long time, is likely to hesitate at the same time they are in your price is not your consider the figures.

The second one is like to use the classic Chanel celebrities are not ordinary people, from Katherine Hepburn to Katherine Heigle, from Grace Kelly to Nicole Richie, they are all from Hollywood legend, the princess and princesses from various countries, Communication from the upper class Ming Yuan ... Well, we are not superstars, but not a princess, but having said that, although we can not be married in real life prince, but at least you can have in real life were like a princess Chanel! 

The third one is that many well-known designers are drawing inspiration from 2.55 and Classic Flag in the body, and become more and more obvious. I first saw him bag series packet shocked, is not this a sign of Chanel Marc Jacobs name it? There Mulberry this autumn's new Lily Shoulder Bag has a very clear shadow of Chanel.
But the undeniable appeal of Chanel is really enough to provoke so many famous fashion cottages, from the 50s of last century until today, the Chanel Classic waiting list has never been broken, a set of classic and fashion together, and then engaging the bag, who does not love it?

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