Thursday, January 13, 2011

New style of Chanel No.5

The sense of maturity is born with women, which is full of temptations. And Chanel No.5 can increase this temptation. Chanel N °5 perfume make five become a magic number and represent a beautiful legend as well.

Coco Chanel named 5 to a very modren fragrance in 1912. Till today, Chanel N °5 has created a classic and timeless fragrance legend.

Chanel combines boutique accessory concept with the design of Chanel  N ° 5 to creat two styles perfume carried in handbags easily, which attract many people like the fine jewelry.

Legendary Chanel N ° 5 appear with modern appearance to world. Outline black mirror bottle with matallic gold or silver lines and rotate one -hand  opening bollte design that can be tranfer out of the nozzle. Timeless CC logo imprited on top of bottle, which cast the perfect fragrance seal.

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