Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Popular Antique Package Lead the Fashion

Frida Giannini, creative director of Gucci found his inspiration after he saw a bag made in 1973. He used the double G log and created new styles named as Gucci 1973.  Most of this series package has a circular flap angle, interpreting the spirit of retro and elegant. Not only the various styles and sizes, but also the different materials can satisfy you. The South Korean star, Jun Jihyun won the ostrich skin Gucci 1973 bag.

Chloe's new style, Darla uphold the 60s style. Tough style with bronze lock and bold red make the antique style the fashion. The only change is luster and color. Leather can increase bags’ brightness to make bags look perfect harmony.

Yves Saint Laurent has launched the classic packet style. Although the design is simple, but the texture is nice, which looks elegant. The traditional logo "YSL" has become a simple letter "Y" , which is really quite refreshing.

Marc Jacobs is the fashion pioneer, who will not be left behind. Its antique package shows the Retro style extremely.

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